Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hunger Games Theatrical Trailer Released!

For those of you Pretty Readers who have been hanging out in dark places for the past few day, we at Pretty in Fiction have been uber excited all weekend, waiting for the release of the OFFICAL, FULL-LENGTH The Hunger Games theatrical trailer.

As promised, it premiered today on Good Morning America, and for those of you who missed it, we have it here for you right here:

Was I the only one who got excited by this awesomeness right here? This part always makes me freak, even in the books.

SO, what do you think, Pretties? What's your favorite part about the trailer? Are you more excited now than before (I know I am!)? Post your thoughts below!


  1. Hyperventilating over here! I am sooo excited. If only my computer at work played stupid trailers. Oh well I guess I need to wait until I get home. I cant!!!!!

  2. wow! So amazing! I am beyond excited. It makes me want to re-read the books RIGHT NOW!

  3. That trailer was so amazing that I am at lost for words!!!!


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