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TGIF! Blog Hop & Feature, and Follow Friday (11)

Book Blogger Hop is a bookish meme hosted by the blog Crazy For Books. It is designed to get book bloggers talking about, what else, books.

Book Blogger Hop
The Question they had for us this week was this:

What is your favorite spooky book (i.e. mystery/suspense, thriller, ghost story, etc.)?

Jesse: I don't usually read spooky books. The spookiest books I've probably ever read fully through was The Vampire Diaries (the original books, not the new ones). I don't know, for some reason they just kind of creeped me out when I read them. But if I was purposely trying to freak myself out I'd definitely read one of those drug store thrillers. You know, the ones about missing children or creepy possessed houses. I haven't been able to make it fully through one of those yet. 

Kira: I have issues when it comes to throwing the term favorite around. It's almost as if I refuse to pick just one. That being said, I haven't read anything reaally "spooky" in ages (like, since I was 15, maybe? don't really remember). It's a shame, really, cuz I do love me some spooky...does paranormal count? Can't really choose a favorite of those either...

Ooh! You know what was kinda creepy that I read (semi)recently? Cryer's Cross, by Lisa McMann. I wouldn't call it a scary read, but it had a nice, spooky feel. especially the trailer (which sold me on the book in the first place.

Feature, and Follow Friday, also known as Follow My Book Blog Friday, is another bookish meme seeking to do the same thing, as well as get all parties involved more followers.
Feature & Follow Friday

This week, Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read asked us:

If you could have characters from a particular book meet and form an epic storyline with characters from a particular TV series, which would you choose and why? 

Jesse: Oh, what a question! So many choices and combinations. Wow! I just had an amazing idea. It's kind of cheating since technically they're both tv shows, but oh well. What would happen if Shawn and Gus from Psych were to cross paths with say, Dean and Sammie from Supernatural?

Uh, it might possibly be the greatest love affair of all time!

Think about it. Shawn and Gus pretend to be psychic (but do not actually believe in anything supernatural), Dean and Sam deal with the supernatural day in and day out. Demons, ghosts, scary freaking angels, power tripping gods. Somehow I picture lots of screaming, maybe even some tears (from Gus, of course), and some sort of man crush between Dean and Shawn (or Dawn, perhaps?). It would be absolutely epic! 

Kira: I hope you realize how evil this question is, because I think about weird things like this all the time, especially if certain scenarios are similar or contradictory to those going on in my current read, or show. Or, you know, if I happen to be reading any paranormal fiction that I feel could use the awesome touch of our favorite brothers' Winchester -- *cough* the characters from Meg Cabot's Abandon so need to learn the valuable use of the Salt-and-Burn technique (and I wouldn't mind seeing Sam and Dean pop up everywhere). *cough* (meh. awkward cough. who cares?)

But, yeah, Sam and Dean are my main go-to when it comes to dream cameos. Another example of that fact? When I was reading the Secret Circle series by LJ Smith, there where was this scene where one of the circle members was fixing his car when Cassie comes in, I believe, to flirt. When he turns to meet her,
he's wearing a shirt that says "Friends don't let friends drive Chevys."  Naturally, that brings to mind Dean Winchester, and his one-true-love the Impala. 

So, when I first read that scene, and every time I think about it since, all I do is picture Dean randomly showing up looking all offended, stroking the Impala and saying "He doesn't mean it, baby."

I'm  crazy, I know. 

Our final meme of the week is TGIF, hosted by GReads! The idea here is a similar get-to-know-you question, as well as a recap of the past week's blogging events. This week:

Show Tell: Where do you grab a book and get lost in it? Show us your favorite spot you like to read at.?

Jesse: I'll pretty much read anywhere and since I normally read on my iPhone I can. But my favorite place to read is on the couch outside on my deck. I'll read there day or night, summer or winter, eBook or hardcover. I've even sat out there when it was raining! (There's an over hang so the book doesn't get wet.)

Kira: As strange as it may be, I don't really have a "favorite place" at the moment. I'll read pretty much anywhere, however I prefer someplace nice, quiet, and comfortable. Somewhere I can lounge out and not be disturbed. Lately, that's been my room, but I wouldn't count it as a favorite place.

We awarded the blog award we mentioned last week to 15 other bloggers.
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  1. Ha! I love that image of Dean stroking the Impala. You know that's exactly what he would do.

    Just passing through. Have a good weekend!

  2. Love Psych and Supernatural! Thanks for following me! I am subscribing for some reason following isn't working!

  3. love supernatural but haven't heard of your other choice but sounds good.
    New follower

  4. @"Confuzzled" Shannon: eww, really? it won't open it up? or it just won't let you follow? I know GFC can be a little wonky at times, so not sure if it's on our end that needs fixing.

    @TG: Oh, he so would. Part of why I love him so much. ;)

    @kate2440 @ Kate's Book Life: If you're talking about Psych that you haven't heard of, you should def check it out. One of the funniest shows currently on TV. I made Jesse watch the pilot -- what? last month? -- and she's already caught up to the current episode (season 6 premiered this past Wednesday), it's that good.

  5. Those boys from Supernatural are def. yums!
    Thanks for the follow!
    MaryAnn @ MaryAnn @ Chapter by Chapter


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