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Review: Savor by Megan Duncan

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Title: Savor
Author: Megan Duncan
Publication Date: October 10, 2011

Ever since reading Released by Megan Duncan I've been waiting anxiously for her second book, Savor, to be released. Savor is the first book in a brand new series about vampires, royalty, and a girl who's life just keeps more and more complicated.

Savor tells the story of Claire, an eighteen year old who lives in a world run by vampires. The vampire royals who rule Claire's region take care of humans, unlike the vampires in some of the other regions, but there is still a lot of animosity between the races. Humans protest against the Royal Family and refuse to sign up to donate blood to the blood bank for vampire consumption. But not Claire. Claire is finally old enough and after being raised by her pro-vampire mom, she's more than happy to donate.

When a man arrives at her door the next day saying she's been chosen as the new vampire princess, Claire is a little less eager to comply. It means leaving her friends and her mom, everything she's ever known. It also means being turned into a vampire. When Claire agrees to becoming vampire royalty she never expects the turn her life will take.

Can she overcome the harsh realities that go along with living forever in the palace or will her enemies get the best of her? And how will she ever decide between the two men she comes to love? One who she's never even met.

Savor was a fun read, it's quick and entertaining. The characters were likable and the vampire society was so detailed that I found myself wanting to learn more about every aspect of it. Especially the other regions because no one talks about them. Guess I'll have to wait for the sequel to learn more!

There were a few things that got on my nerves as I was reading the story. Claire and her new vampire friend, Robin, giggled like the palace was pumping laughing gas through the air vents. I know that they're eighteen year old girls, but do eighteen year old's really giggle THAT much? If so, can we check to see what's in their water supplies, because its unhealthy.

I also found it a little odd how affectionate Evilyn (Claire's new vamp mom) was with Claire. I mean, almost right off the bat there was a sense of motherly love. Hugging, kissing. It was so instant and out of no where it sort of seemed suspicious to me. Made me question Evilyn's motives. Is she really as sweet and good natured as she seems, or does she have an agenda?

I'm not usually a fan of the insta-love between characters in paranormal romance, and I wasn't when it came to Dmitry and Claire either. They went from meeting each other and being sort of friendly to being madly in love the next day (with hardly any interaction in between). It just seemed a little ridiculous to me. I mean, sure, there's a scene where they have some sort of magical connection, but it still just seemed too fast for Claire to decide she loved him. And even worse was how she acted like she was betraying him when she was going through with the Blood Mate ceremony. They weren't even dating! They only kissed once. I just didn't see any legitimate reason for their feelings besides the fact that they decided they liked each other. It seemed to have little to do with any actual feelings on either side.

On the other (more hypocritical) hand, I adored the mystery man! He alone had me ripping through Savor hoping he'd finally be introduced to Claire. Their connection, while still magical and instantaneous, had a more realistic feel to it. They were connected magically before they had even met, so it seems a little more natural when Claire talks about her feelings for him.

During the course of the book Claire must go through a few different vampire ceremonies. Before each ceremony someone always wants to talk to her, yet they never explain what will happen at the ceremony itself. Claire is always left wondering what to do, much to the annoyance of the people performing the ceremony. I found myself becoming annoyed at Evilyn and Robin because every time Claire would ask them what the ceremony would be like or what she would be expected to do, they would simply say they couldn't tell her, or that she would figure it out. I'm sorry, but if you are forcing me to undergo ritual after ritual then I would demand to know what those rituals consist of. I'm not going into a room full of hooded vampires and priests with daggers and silver goblets unless I understand what is expected of me first.

The writing seemed a little forced at times but it truly didn't bother me that much. I liked the story and really wanted to see where it was headed.

All in all, I enjoyed Savor and can't wait to read the second book in the Warm Delicacy series, Indulge. I have to get more of the mystery man now that I know who he is! And most importantly, what happened to Louie?! I need to know!

You can purchase a copy of Savor online at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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