Sunday, September 18, 2011

YA Creepers #1: Waking Up to a Stranger in My Room

So I was laying in bed the other night. I was cold so I had the blankets all pulled up around my head and I was listening to music in my headphones. And suddenly I thought, what if someone or something was in my room watching me laying here? Then, because I thought it, I got too scared to actually pull the covers off my head and check.

That got me thinking. In a lot of books I've read, boys—be they ghosts, demons, angels, vampires, whatever—show up in girl's rooms a lot.

And these girls handle these boys being there quite well. They are usually just confused or even flattered by the boy's presence in their private, personal space.

So the other night, as I was laying there hiding under the blankets, I thought, what would my reaction be if there was someone in my room?

And I've come to the conclusion that it wouldn't be pretty. I, unlike most YA heroines, wouldn't be confused or flattered or even slightly scared. As I quickly pulled the blankets from my head and searched my room for an uninvited presence I decided that I would probably pee myself if there was actually someone there.

I'd scream and maybe even pass out from fright and shock, depending on what was actually there. If it was a human, I'd naturally assume it was someone come to rape or kill me. If it was something non-human, I'd probably have a heart attack.

Personally, I believe in supernatural things. I believe that people are capable of some strange things. I've even known people who've had very strange things happen to them—from out of body experiences while in cardiac arrest to dreaming about people dying hours before they die. There was even a very strange encounter with a popular psychic once. And personally, I've had a number of strange feelings or intuitions—like getting up early for work because I had a feeling my boss was going to call and tell me we needed to get there earlier than planned. Turned out I was right on with that one. My boss called and asked me if it was possible to be an hour early, and luckily, because of my feeling, I was able to make it.

But I also believe everyone only has as much psychic ability as they can handle. I'd freak out if I saw a ghost. (And right now I'm a little freaked because as I'm writing this, a song by Parachute called Ghost just came on while my iPod with over 3,000 songs on it is on shuffle. Odd, right?) Anyway, like I said, I'd freak if I saw someone in my room in the middle of the night.

So I just don't get how these heroines can handle it. I would literally be throwing things at him and trying to jump out of my second story window to get away, I don't care how hot the guy is. I probably wouldn't even notice if he was hot because I'd be too busy screaming for help.

And God help the poor guy if he tried to come near me. I'm a kicker and a biter. If you come close to me I will kick the crap out of you, creepy guy who is invading my personal space in the middle of the night.

No way I'm just gonna sit there and say, "Why are you here?" or "Well, he's pretty hot. He can stalk me while I sleep."

No! You wanna talk to me in the middle of the night call me on the telephone, text me, email me, hell, knock on my front door. Don't these weirdos know that in certain states it's okay to shoot a guy if he's breaking into your house?

My mother used to keep a six inch steak knife in her bedroom while my dad worked nights. I learned you don't screw with people when they're sleeping at an early age.

To be fair though, my mother has a huge fear of vampires—regardless of whether or not they're real. She even has a small sharp piece of wood in the console in her car, just in case. She claims it's a good thing to hold on to because she can use it just as effectively on a human attacker as she can on a vampire. I tend to believe her. My mom's a little nuts when it comes to her personal safety and I wouldn't mess with her. We have a running joke in my house that if you're ever lost in the woods with her, watch your back. She'll go cannibal on you before she starves to death.

But at least I know that if I ever did have a creepy supernatural stalker my mom would totally believe me. Me and her have an understanding. If one of us says that something weird happened the other one doesn't say, "Oh, you're making that up. It's not possible. Are you sure that's what you saw?" No. If we say like, "I saw a ghost in the house and he wasn't very happy that I was there," the other person says, "Okay, time to move the hell out of this house."

But like I said, I wouldn't be calm or even pretend to be calm if there was someone in my house. The only possible way I'd be calm is after I hyperventilated and passed out.

Would you call me a hypocrite if I said that maybe Dean Winchester could get away with it?

If you woke up in the middle of the night to a stranger hovering over your bed, what would you do? Could you calmly take it in and have a rational conversation with said creeper? Or would you throw your pillow at him and dial 911?



  1. I was actually just thinking about this after reading one of the umpteenth paranormal books where the guys just sort of hovers over the sleeping girl. Then she wakes up, and instead of being freaked out she decides to sleep with him (or cuddle or flirt)

    Like what the heck are they thinking. That is not cute or sweet, it is really really creepy. I once broke up with a boyfriend because he would show up at my house in the middle of the night... not even in the house but at the house.

    I think this idea could be very detrimental for young girls who now think that it is ok for a guy to stalk them. These writers are basically telling them it is ok for guys to be that creepy.

    (although, if Dean Winchester showed up in my room in the middle of the night I would probably be ok with it also... lol)

  2. @Lex Write Ha! yeah, that pretty much seems to be the consensus.

    Waking up to random guy in you room = RAPEY!

    Waking up to Dean Winchester in your room = Ok. :D

    We girls obviously have our priorities in order.

  3. @Kira Yep totally. Gotta love that Dean Winchester

  4. Well, if it was Gerard Butler, Henry Cavill, Paolo Nutini or Andrei Schipanov I'm okay. AHAHAHAA!

    But I was actually thinking this same exact thing the other night. Though I was thinking a little more along the lines of finding some supernatural dude outside my house. I don't understand how some of the heroines in book take these things so lightly. I'd probably piss myself if I found out there was a vampire who was into me or stalking me outside my bedroom window. Ummm... I'd probably be packing my stuff and moving ASAP. Nononono. Nobody needs to hang around or in my house in the middle of the night uninvited unless it is one of the above mentioned men. ;D

  5. Uh, hell no you're not a hypocrite if Dean Winchester shows up. He's not the stalker-type, so if he shows up it's to save you.

    Or have hot sex. In either case, yaye!


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