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My Book Boyfriend (2) Will Kill

Hey, there, Pretty Readers,

Welcome to our second edition of My Book Boyfriend right here on Pretty in Fiction!
For those of you not in the know, My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by the magnificent Missie from The Unread Reader. She created this one so we girls could have an outlet to squee over our latest book-boy obsessions, and (of course) to attach some eye-candy to show how we view these delicious dudes (no drooling on the keys, please, ladies!).

Our special guest today is none other than the specter-seeing Will Killian. Feel free to paw him to your hearts content, just don't be surprised if you start getting attacked by a very jealous invisible ghost. *cough*Alona!*cough*

After painstakingly searching, we found our
perfect Will Kill in Seth Gabel.
William James 'Will Kill' Killian:
* Can see dead people, but is not a fan.
* Works in a diner
* Has an iPod Nano named Marcie
* Is a bit of a loner (due to necessity)
* Would do almost anything for Alona Dare
* The following description was be before Alona got to know Will, so it may be a bit -- harsh. She was a a popular cheerleader in her life, and Will's is kind of a loner, as mentioned above. Still, this should give you a general idea of what he looks like:
He was total loser material, skin so pale he practically glowed, and shaggy black hair that hung down in front of his creepy blue eyes. Seriously, they were so pale, they were almost white. And hello, he acted like such a freak, always wearing headphones and pulling the hood of his sweatshirt up, even in the building. (The Ghost and the Goth, ebook pg. 23)
Why We Love Him:

Kira: Will Kill is probably one of my strangest book boyfriends—not in the sense that he's strange, though he most definitely is and I adore him for it, but rather in the sense that I don't really see him in that "I want him!" sort of light.

Don't get me wrong, I love Will Killian to death, and he definitely has some swoon-worthy moments, but he's more the type of guy that I'd be standing there cheering for as he went after his girl (which he'd damn well better do right, because she won't take anything less) than the sort that I'd try to steal, given the chance (like last week's luscious lad—apparently I'm big on alliterations today).

I don't know how else to describe it, really, since I happily still count him among my book boyfriends. I guess what I'm trying to say is I love Will Kill, but I love him and Alona together so much more, that it's not even an issue.

Jesse: I think the reason I love Will Killian so much is that Alona Dare whipped him into submission within two books. It's like he's her adorable husband of forty years who knows better than to piss her off.

Will treads carefully around Alona. He wants to keep her happy, because when Alona's happy Will's happy. And when Alona isn't happy, she's letting him know.

Now, you might say, "Why would she treat this sweet, helpless boy that way? Why can't she just be nice?" Especially since he's her only connection with living. But Alona and Will really are sweet together. They just happen to bicker a lot. Well, Alona bickers and Will (most of the time, but not all) let's her win.

Now I must say, I probably wouldn't adore Will quite as much if it weren't for Alona. She's trained him well and I applaud her for it. He's a good boyfriend, a great one, even though they're not even technically dating and she's not even technically alive.

Hmm. Maybe I also have a little bit of a girl crush on Alona Dare.

Okay, I have a crush on both Will and Alona, as a couple, because they're perfect for one another!

Notably Quotable:
"'I...' My God, there was no good way to answer this. 'Yes' was obviously out. She'd detect 'No' as a lie immediately. And 'I don't know her well enough to know if I like her' was just weak. 'I was curious,' I said finally." (Queen of the Dead, ebook pg. 91)
And Alona was furious with me. That couldn't possibly end well. It wasn't like her to be gone for this long, even if she was angry. Especially if she was angry. Her theory when it came to conflict was that it was only effective if the other person was made painfully aware of your perspective—emphasis on 'pain'—until he or she had no choice but to surrender. And Alona was all about winning.  (Queen of the Dead, ebook pg. 259)

If he'd just done what he was supposed to—i.e., what I said—none of this would have happened! (Queen of the Dead, ebook pg. 318) - Yes it's an Alona quote, but I just love it!

I swallowed back my irritation. 'You're going to make me ask again, aren't you?'
She gave me an innocent look. 'Ask what?'
'Are you staying ... or just passing through?' I asked through gritted teeth.
'Why? Does it matter to you?'
A thousand smart-ass replies leaped to my mind, but she would be expecting that. So, I went for the truth. 'Yeah, it does.' (The Ghost and the Goth, ebook pg. 305)

I straightened up. 'You're such a coward. I take back all the nice things I thought about your chest.'
'You're right,' Killian said. Then he looked up at me with a frown. 'What?'
'I said, I want you to get some sleep,' Miller repeated, a little louder. He removed the syringe from Killian's arm, recapped it, and dropped it in his pocket. 
Killian's glazed eyes found mine. 'What nice things did you think?' he asked, already sounding muzzy.
'Oh, forget it, ' I snapped. (The Ghost and the Goth, ebook pg. 120) - Another Alona quote, but -- Come on! can you really blame me?


  1. hahaha, Kira. loved what you had to say about your strange boyfriend.

    I love that he named is iPod. I do that with my gadgets too!

    Yes, I think you found a perfect match in casting Seth Gabel as Will Kill.

  2. OMG! Perfect match! no kidding! i just finished reading The Ghost and the Goth earlier this week and LOVED IT! I can definitely see Seth as Will. Have you read book 2? Please tell me its as good as the first! pleaasseee! i love Alona and Will together <3

  3. @The Lovely Getaway

    Oh the 2nd book is definitely as good! No worries there. I adore Alona and Will together and can't WAIT for the 3rd book to come out!

  4. I haven't read this series yet, I'm adding it to my wishlist! :)

  5. I am totally going to check out this book :) Book boyfriends are awesome but girl crushes will keep us reading forever!

  6. Okay, I really love both of you girls! Will and Alona are definitely perfect together, and god help the person who tries to bring them apart.
    Also, Jess... "It's like he's her adorable husband of forty years who knows better than to piss her off.". Have I told you I love you lately? lol


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