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Bloodlines vs. Vampire Academy - 1 - The Protags

Round 1
Who do you think makes the better protagonist?

Bloodlines vs. Vampire Academy results
Rose Hathaway 0 votes 0.0%
Sydney Sage 0 votes 0.0%
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KiraOk, so, I'm still reading, but I think I enjoy being in Sydney's head better than I liked being in Rose's (And I liked that a lot. Rose Hathaway is just one of those fun, no-nonsense, me-against-the-world characters). I think I chose Sydney because, personality wise, I sort of relate to her more. Sydney is more me (you know, except that I have no problem with the Moroi and Damphirs – aside from the fact that they can sometimes be asses stuck in the middle ages, belief-wise), where as Rose is someone I'd like to be more like (which is funny, because that's pretty much what I gather Sydney feels, as well).

I wish I could say more as to who I like better facing the conflicts of the Moroi/Damphir world, who handles such-and-such situations better, etc., but, alas, I am only on chapter six of Bloodlines. That being said Rose is kick-ass, and (though I hate to break my own rule, especially in this first feature, by bringing in other books) I know from Rose's POV that Sydney can hold her own, even if she is obviously overwhelmed. So, I feel confident backing her as my choice protagonist.
Point: Sydney

Tayl: Personally, I liked Rose Hathaway as the protagonist because she's funny (well I thought so, at least). She's a crazy person that will do anything to protect the one's she loves. And I found myself usually having the same thoughts and ideas she did. She has no limit to what she will go to to get what she wants and I love that about her. I am totally team Rose!
Point: Rose

Jesse: I have actually fully read both Vampire Academy and Bloodlines, and I can tell you, since I really enjoyed both books, that this is a very tough decision.
Rose Hathaway is a fierce protagonist, whom I liked immensely. I think what I liked best about Rose was her loyalty and bravery. Most would say she has an attitude and a problem with authority, and while I do agree, I believe she acts that way mostly out of instinct. As a Guardian-in-training she has to be defensive if she wants to protect Lissa. And almost everything she does is to protect Lissa. Rose is also pretty funny. It's one of the other reasons I enjoyed reading her so much. But is it enough to beat Sydney as my favorite protagonist?

I have to say no.

I wasn't sure how much I was going to like reading from Sydney's point of view when I first heard about Bloodlines. She seemed so stiff and stuck up in the Vampire Academy series. So different from Rose. But I was pleasantly surprised when I began reading Bloodlines and discovered that that wasn't truly the case. While Sydney does come off as stiff and proper to those around her, she's very different inside her head. She's very protective of those she cares about, even Jill and Adrian, though she was raised to fear vampires. Sydney is forced to go against everything she's been taught to believe her whole life. And she does so because she believes it is the right thing to do. I think what I respect the most is that she doesn't do it for a boy, unlike most other YA heroines. While Sydney does seem interested in Adrian (even if she doesn't really know that she is), he is not the reason she does the things she does. The two biggest factors in her change of heart are Rose and Jill. For those reasons I'd have to say that Sydney is the better protagonist. To me at least.
Point: Sydney

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