Monday, August 8, 2011

August Read: Discussion - The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Last week, I posted a review of Carrie Ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth, stating that we at pretty in fiction would be reading this book and would like you Pretty Readers to read along.

We are doing this because we also host a Goodreads group, and we didn't want to leave you guys out of the group reading fun.

As said last week, you are free to join us on Goodreads, or you can stay and discuss the book with us here, in this post. Whichever you are most comfortable with is fine by us, and the questions are the same in both places.

So, without further ado, here are are some questions to think about while reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

If you've already finished reading, jump in on the discussion, no need to be shy!
1. First Impressions

Whether you've just started reading, are a couple chapters in, or have just read the cover, What are your first thoughts about The Forest of Hands and Teeth? Mary? The village she lives in? (NO spoilers, please!)

2. Characters

Which character(s) did you like/relate to the most? Who was your least favorite? What were your overall impressions of each of the characters?

3. The Sisterhood

What do you think of the Sisterhood? What about the position they hold in Mary's society?

What do you think of their secrets? Should they have kept what knowledge they did from the village?

And, what of Sister Tabitha, and her treatment of Mary? Do you think she was right in her beliefs?

4. A Sense of Security?

What was your impression of the security around Mary's village? Are you surprised it lasted so long? Or, should it have held?

What do you think of the Guardians that protected Mary's village?

And what about Gabrielle's village? And the state in which it was found?

What about the maze of paths?

5. Dreams vs. Duty

One of the recurring themes of The Forest of Hands and Teeth was the idea that to pursue one's dreams, to pursue what you want, in favor of duty (to yourself, those you love, your community, God, etc.) is just plain selfish, and hurtful.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you agree? Was it wrong for Mary to be so focused? Or, do you think she was right for sticking to what she believed in?

Was her realizing her dream worth the cost?

6. Final Thoughts?

Now that you've finished reading, what is your overall impression of The Forest of Hands and Teeth? Any favorite scenes? What about scenes you can't stand?

If you've written a review for this book, feel free to post it, and/or a link to it, here.

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