Friday, August 19, 2011

Blog Hop & Feature, and Follow Friday (4)

I know, I know. We're running a little late today. Time for some Follow Friday Blog Hop fun!

The Book Blogger Hop is first up today, and for those who don't know, it's a bookish meme hosted by the lovely Crazy For Books

Today's Blogger Hop Question:
Book Blogger Hop
What’s the LONGEST book you’ve ever read?” 
(Note: I’m putting one caveat on this question. You aren’t allowed to say the Bible, Torah, Qur’an, or other religious/spiritual text.)
Jesse: I think the longest book I've ever read was probably Breaking Dawn. I'm not quite sure because I usually read ebooks, but Breaking Dawn was huge and took me two days of nonstop reading to get through, so I'm going to say it's a pretty fair guess that it was the longest book I've read.
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Taylor: Breaking Dawn, by Stephanie Meyer.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosKira: *runs off to check page numbers* I've read lots of books that are a good many, many pages long. Most of them—like my Complete Works of William Shakespeare (1228 pages), or The Chronicles of Narnia, or The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide—are books that consist of many stories, not just one, so I bet they don't count. 

That being said, the longest single-story book I've ever read is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at 870 pages long (which actually beats some of my multi-story books. Though, were you to count the whole series, which i've read a number of times, as one big story that would be 4100 pages, which would be a great deal more impressive, and one insanely gigantic book).

Feature, and Follow Friday is another weekly bookish meme hosted by the pretty ladies at Parajunkee View and Alison Can Read.

Feature & Follow Friday

This Follow Friday's question:
If you could write yourself a part in a book, what book would it be and what role would you play in that book?

Jesse: I wouldn't so much write myself a part in a book as steal the role of one of the main characters. Belly Conklin's role inThe Summer Series to be exact. As much as I love her character (and I do), I'd murder her off and bury her body under the boardwalk in Cousin's Beach if I thought I had a chance with Conrad Fisher.
Summer Series

If you think I'm being a little extreme you haven't read The Summer Series, by Jenny Han yet. Trust me. After you do, you'll understand.

KiraPhotobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Preppers, as the name entails, want to be prepared for when the poop hits the fan (SHTF - the end as we know it). These are the people who stockpile food, weapons, med supplies, water,  learn to fight, carry bug-out bags in the trunk of their car, make sure they know how to live off the grid just in case—you get the idea.  

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosWhen you go through all that trouble preparing for something that might never happen, or could happen tomorrow, who wouldn't want to see if they have what it takes?

Taylor: The book would totally be The Host and I would be Ian O'Shea's best friend. I wouldn't want to be his girlfriend because I love Ian and Wanda to much... 


  1. Those Potter books were long, huh?! I have some giant "complete works" books, too. I also thought maybe those didn't count.

  2. Have you listened to the audios of the other books as well or just OotP? The audios are actually my favorite way to relive the HP world. Both Jim Dale and Stephen Fry do an outstanding job narrating. I can't wait to hear your thoughts about the OotP audio (if you plan to review it)! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm happy to be a new follower and I look forward to enjoying your reviews!

    Donna @ The Happy Booker

  3. ahah so you'd kill Belly huh? She's a little whiny anyway.

    new follower!

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    Also check out our giveaway for Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor!

  4. new follower - come by and visit us

  5. LOL!! I'm going to have to add The Summer Series to my goodreads 'to read' list just because of that comment alone :-) Must be a good one!

  6. LOL Love your post! Totally going to follow you, and thanks for visiting my blog :)

    I haven't read The Host yet, but I have it and plan to read it sometime this year. Everyone tells me it's amazing!

    I love how you'd kill one of the main characters from that series you love so you could have her man LOL At least you're honest!

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  7. NEW FOLLOWER...cute blog.

    I only read other ones in the series.

    Stop by my blog if you like to see my LONG book.


  8. I also chose Breaking Dawn. The Host was one of favorites. I heard they are making a movie of Host.


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