Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review: Hollowland by Amanda Hocking

Title: Hollowland
Author: Amanda Hocking

Eeek! Pretty cover alert!

This was the first book by Amanda Hocking that I've read, but now I have added all of her other books to my to-read list.

Hollowland was a great example of my-kind-of-zombie-book. There was tons of action. It was like zombie attack after zombie attack, but not in a I'm-not-learning-anything-about-these-characters kind of way.

There was plenty of emotion in there, as well. I mean how could there not be. It's about a nineteen year old girl looking for her missing brother during the zombie apocalypse!

Remy has been taking care of her eight year old brother Max since the zombie's showed up and ate their parents. (Gross, right?) When he is evacuated from an army base during a zombie attack and she is left behind to fend for herself, she makes it her goal to find him and protect him, no matter what the cost. And in a world full of zombies, the cost can be very high.

Along the way she meets a (well, we'll call her rambunctious) thirteen year old, a young doctor, a rockstar, and even a lion. Yeah, that's right, a lion! And they all set off to help Remy find her brother and a safe place to ride out the apocalypse.

Lions and zombies and rockstars, oh my! That's my kind of book.

Plus, Amanda Hocking gives me the one thing that I just have to have in my zombie books.

Zombie hordes.

One or two zombie attacks here and there won't do! I want full fledged mob scenarios.

There's one scene that's almost worse than Left 4 Dead (just my fave video game of all time). And I've seen few things, even movies, that are worse than Left 4 Dead when it comes to the utterly unstoppable zombie horde factor.

But the thing I liked best, besides the zombie hordes, and the incredibly cute and loyal rockstar Lazlo Durante, is the fact that it really is scary.

Few books scare me. I can only think of a couple off the top of my head and they're all about serial killers and things like that (because, come on, serial killers are scary!). But paranormal books just don't usually have the same effect on me.

But this one did.

Now, maybe it was the fact that I read most of this book at 5:00 A.M. Or maybe it's because, while reading at 5:00 A.M., I had a terrifying encounter with a crow outside my window. (I maintain that the crow was huge, a monster in the same vein as the Jersey Devil, even if my neighbor said she saw it and it was just normal crow size.)

But however you look at it, Hollowland made me laugh (comparing flaming zombies to B-List celebrities), cry, (Remy and all she and her friends lose and gain on their journey), and scream (or maybe that was the crow). Well, anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed Hollowland, and I love how Amanda Hocking left it open for a sequel.

Have you read it? And if you did, did you enjoy it as much as I did?


  1. I like this book too. Hoping there will be a sequel.

  2. Great review!! Iloved this book and I love Amanda's writing.



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