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Review: Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Title: Love Story
Author: Jennifer Echols
Publisher: MTV Books
Publish Date: July 19, 2011

I have been waiting for months (months!) to finally read Jennifer Echols' new book Love Story. I started my obsession with Jennifer's writing when I happened upon her book Forget You one day while searching for something to keep me occupied for a while.

Forget You definitely delivered and turned out to be one of those stories you just can't help but think about over and over again. While you're working, cleaning, cooking. I found myself thinking about it even while reading other books.

So that's when I decided to read some of her other books. One after the other I was blown away. All of her characters, even the ones in the cutesy romantic comedies, are well written, all with issues most everyone can relate to.

Love Story is no exception.

Erin Blackwell is a rich girl from the south—so rich in fact, her grandmother owns a horse farm (Yeah. That kind of rich!).

Anyway, Erin is a Freshman in a college in New York City. Like all freshman in the honors program, she is forced to take a creative writing class. Although since she is trying her best to start a writing career, this works for her.

What doesn't work for her is that Hunter Allen (officially my favorite name ever! How awesome is that name? Seriously!) is enrolling in her creative writing class. And guess what? Not only does she know Hunter from his time working on her family farm as a stable boy, but she has written him into her first creative writing assignment as the hero and love interest.

Yeah, it's THE awkward situation of a life time. And there's nothing she can do but sit back and wait for Hunter to humiliate her by telling the class and their teacher that her story is about him, effectively ruining her chance to be taken seriously and win an internship at a publishing company.

But when Hunter submits his first story for class, it's not exactly what Erin had been expecting. And so starts a long and arduous (not to mention steamy, sometimes literally) journey that will help Erin and Hunter realize just what lies between the lines of their stories.

I enjoyed Love Story, probably more than I've enjoyed any other of Jennifer Echols' books. It was a beautifully written look at the feelings of two people who are completely unable to communicate with one another. The only way they seem to be able to get their emotions out is through their writing. Erin and Hunter have some deeply seeded issues that they need to work through, and the whole time I was reading I just wanted to sit them down and yell, "Talk to one another!"

Like all of Jennifer Echols' books Love Story has a happy ending. Now I'm a sucker for happy endings. I love that last kiss, that last embrace, before I close the book on these characters lives. That's why I found the ending a little rushed.

In reality it wasn't.

The ending was perfect for this couple because Erin and Hunter's story wasn't about the ending, it was about their story. The journey, not the destination. The logical part of my brain knows this. It's the illogical romantic part of my brain that wants that last perfect moment to last a while longer than it did. But Love Story delivers what it's title promises, a love story.

I'd love to see a sequel. There were a few loose ends that could still be tied up in a neat bow in a sequel. For instance, we were never actually introduced to Erin's grandmother. I would love to see if Erin could one day work out her issues with her family and her family farm. But, even without a sequel, Love Story was a great read.

But I'd still really love a sequel!

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  1. Forget You is my first Jennifer Echols book too! Her books are addicting--so swoontastic!--that makes you really want to read one book after another. Jennifer Echols is like my favorite YA Romance author, so far. Did I mention the swoon-worthy John After? He's my favorite out of the three. But I still adore Doug Fox and Adam (I forgot his last name! Oh. Adam, forgive me.)! Hehe. Funny thing is, one day, I was googling for cool names for boys (for my sister) and came across Hunter Allen! That's why the name sounded familiar. Too bad she didn't pick it. It is an awesome name, and one that I might give to my future kid. He'd be thanking me! Hehe.

    What a fun, lovely review! Makes me want to read Love Story now! One more week! Have a happee Sunday!:)


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