Monday, July 11, 2011

Once Upon a Readathon

A few days ago I heard about the Once Upon a Readathon and figured, what the hey? I'd join up and try to get a few books read. I've been slacking on my reading lately, so why not? Maybe it'd help me step up and start cutting down my To Read list.
Well, it started today at 12:00AM. And like a true procrastinator, I haven't decided what books I'll be reading yet. But, last night, I did decide to start with Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles.

I've read both books currently out in Simone's Perfect Chemistry series (Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction) and I fell in love with them. Alex and his brother Carlos are incredible. I'm waiting anxiously to read about their little brother Luis in the third book in the Fuentes brother's series (Chain Reaction).

So when I saw the sample for Leaving Paradise sitting there on my Nook last night I decided I needed to read it.


So far all I know about it is that Caleb is in a juvenile corrections facility for a hit and run and drunk driving. And Maggie, the girl Caleb hit with his car (she also happens to be his twin sister's best friend and next door neighbor. Talk about awkward...), has been in physical therapy for the past year trying to regain her ability to walk.

When Caleb gets out of juvy early for good behavior, he comes home to all the difficulties that come with being in jail for a year. His friends and ex-girlfriend don't understand what he's been through, the entire school blames him for what happened to Maggie, and Maggie herself hates his guts for hitting her with his car and then leaving her all alone in the middle of the road.

But Maggie's not having such a great time coming back to school, after a year in physical therapy, either. After everything she went through to walk again, she still walks with a limp. Her legs are all scarred up from the accident. Her classmates pity her or make fun of the way she walks.

She feels like an outsider.

And so does Caleb.

It's this one thing, this one similarity, that brings Caleb and Maggie closer than either of them ever would have thought possible after that fateful accident.

If I enjoy Leaving Paradise, I'll probably read the sequel, Return to Paradise, as my second #OUreadathon book. After reading Simone Elkeles' other books, I'm sure I'll get through both of these books in no time.

So that means I have two books on my list so far.

If you have any other suggestions let me know!


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